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im going to start frequenting /ck/

i have no interest in cooking i just want to become well versed in cooking memes




Wii Shop Channel x The Sims - Wii Shop Buy Mode
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God DANG alright guys here you go



granted i’ve met like. at most four self proclaimed anarchist. but they were all insufferable

this one time a guy i met through friends texted me because he thought i was cool and he wanted to hang out. we got some pizza and then went to a liquor store to buy soda and later he threw his glass bottle into the street and i asked ‘what the fuck did you do that for’ and he said ‘i don’t care. i’m an anarchist’. that’s the only time i’ve ever met an anarchist

>went to a liquor store to buy soda

Ok but why does her hand look like that

Ok but why does her hand look like that


now you can see the pain in his eyes


What the Mad Max movies never really explain is why so many leather daddies survived the apocalypse. What were they doing? Why are they so strong?

They may not be 5’7” … but they got a BIG STICK!!!